Paramount Vault on YouTube makes over 100 feature films free to stream legally

Who doesn't like free stuff? Who doesn't like free stuff that doesn't get you sent to jail or slapped with a law suit?  Then you're in for a treat because Paramount has made over 100 feature-length films from their archives available for free on their YouTube channel, the Paramount Vault. Fair warning, most of these movies are older and some a bit obscure unless you're a movie buff. It's not clear if Paramount will have a rotation system for these films and switch them out on occasion. 

They even went ahead and made a sizzle reel showing off their long history in the movie industry.

If you want an example of what you can find on their channel, then feast your eyes on Masters of the Universe. Ah, memories. Hopefully Paramount gets some positive feedback and we continue getting new films, but for now, movie fans can take a list at their catalouge and catch on on classics and b-movies.

Oliver Ayala

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