Ronda Rousey works out as Pikachu and reminds us why we love her

If Ronda Rousey's butt kicking status isn't already cemented into your head, then just ask every opponent she has taken down in the octagon. That's if they're still conscious.

Rousey has established her geek side by listing off her Dragon Ball Z knowledge and she now shows how much of a pokemon fan she is. I don't care what your thoughts on her are, you have to admit that wearing that suit and pulling off those moves is worthy of an internet clap. I can barely tie my shoelaces without getting winded. 

Oliver Ayala

I'm able to eat 25 Mcnuggets in a row and maintain total composure. It's important to note that I have zero useful skills and will be the third to perish once the country runs out of corn syrup and the end days begin. I have zero allegiances to any gaming company or platform and go where the games are. Anime is my domain and I am a lower tier noble with hopes of becoming a duke. Oh, and I kinda started the site and trick- I mean, convinced some friends into helping.