Sword Art Online movie announced

Cosplayers get your swords ready again because SAO (Sword Art Online) is coming out with a movie. The news came down during the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival which revealed that it will be directed by Tomohiko Itō,  feature designs by Shingo Adachi and produced by A-1 Pictures. If you're concerned that the script will suffer then rest assured because the author of the Sword Art Online light novels, Reki Kawahara, will be penning the script.  Having the original creator on board usually pays off for films and while details remain scant, we can at least count on the original author having a hand in the creation of the film. 

The film wasn't the only SAO news out of the festival; A 4-disc music CD collection has been slated for January 27, 2016 in Japan. Get ready to jam out to a whopping 131 tracks created by Yuki Kajiuara from Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online II, Sword Art Online: Extra Edition TV film and some previously unpublished works. This entire set will run folks 3800 yen ($31.69) for the standard version or you can lay down some extra cash for the limited edition version which includes a Blu-ray and costs 4500 yen ($37.53). The Blu-ray will feature footage from Kajiuara's live performance at the Sword Art Online: Sing All the Overtures event.

Abec will also have an art book collection which will have characters from SAO on the cover which will voted for by fans. 


Oliver Ayala

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