Change is coming to Heroes of the Storm

If my recent addiction to Heroes of the Storm has proven anything, it's that I need Blizzard to funnel new content straight into my brain. Guess the gaming gods have answered my pleas  because the Medic and Artanis heroes are inbound as well as a few major changes to gameplay. 

Lets start off with those changes. Death timers have been increased for level one heroes by six seconds. Trust me, this is a good thing. It's not uncommon that you manage to outwit an opponent(s) and you start going after an objective when those freshly killed players are on your back again. Late gameplay death timers will remain about the same. 

The next change is snowball prevention. What does this mean? Ever play a match and the other team gets a few early kills and they quickly gain levels and just start decimating your team? Yeah, that's being addressed and that's a good thing. Levels will be more equalized, but talent levels will still matter in gameplay.

These changes are designed to ensure that Heroes of the Storm remain an accessible and fun experience for skilled players and newcomers. Something that seems to be lacking in League of Legends.



Oliver Ayala

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