Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show Comikaze 2015

All photos by Oliver Ayala

Day one of Stan Lee's Comikaze featured a mountain of sights of activities for attendees to enjoy. This included the very stylish Le Geek So Chic fashion show. Now, I know what you're think. Why would there be a fashion show during a pop-culture convention like comikaze? Well, the answer is simple. Geeks want to dress nice too! Sometimes, at least when we're told we have to in order to interact with the outside world. It's actually pretty common to see a fashion show at these conventions and they draw in designers who are just starting out and ones who are well know and respected in the fashion industry. Designers this year included : Girl with One Eye, Castle Corsetry, Living Dead, Unicorn Sushi and Gold Bubble Clothing.

I managed to place myself in the press area and stood for nearly an hour after a busy day of constant walking. Just for my loyal readers. All three of you. So, here you have it folks. The pictures from Le Geek So Chic. Remember , visit our Flickr page to see the full resolution pictures.

Oliver Ayala

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