Comikaze Day 3 Cosplay in all its glory

All photo's by Oliver Ayala

A lot can be said about Comikaze 2015. It's the newest in the list of growing conventions and also marks the end of convention season in Southern California. The next large convention will be Wondercon which is organized by the same folks who put San Diego Comic Con together. Anime Los Angeles is coming up and is upgrading from being a hotel-con to an actual convention center. However, the move from Los Angeles to Ontario has some worried. The recently held Pacific Media Expo has disastrously bad attendance  after moving and being held at the same time as other larger conventions. 

Stan Lee's Comikaze had the leg up on the competition by being held in Los Angeles and not having anything else going on at the same time. Except for Halloween that is. Saturday saw the largest crowds, but Sunday attendance remained at respectable levels with cosplayers and eager fans walking through the convention halls.  We'll have a full review detailing our experience during the three day convention and how it stacks up against other organized pop culture events. In the meantime, enjoy some of the best cosplay we could find on the last day of the convention. 

Remember, if you want to see the high resolution images and have the ability to download them Flickr, click here and feat your eyes on high-res shots. That or you can just scroll on down and view our gallery. Let us know which cosplay was your favorite in the comments below.

Oliver Ayala

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