Comikaze day 1 cosplay photos are in!

 All photos by oliver ayala

All photos by oliver ayala

Convention season seems to be winding down for a little while in Southern California with Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo now behind us. That's saying something since it feels like there is a convention once a week down here, but we won't see another convention of significant size until Anime Los Angeles in January 2016. 

Comikaze has quickly grown to become a powerhouse in the convention community by attracting big names and offering solid panels throughout the three days the convention is held. It has also become noteworthy for the amount of cosplayers that the convention has attracted. After all, a convention just doesn't feel right without some cosplay. I order to show some of that off, we walked around the halls of the Los Angeles convention center searching for what we considered the best cosplay for each day. For the high resolution files make sure to click here for our Flickr page.

Oliver Ayala

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