PlayStation Home developer aqquires $3M to develop VR games

Remember PlayStation Home? Yeah, I barely do too, but  former developer for the oft forgotten virtual experiment ,nDreams, is aiming to make some VR content. The developer  has raised $3 million from investor Mercia Technologies in order to publish its own VR projects as well as providing the same service for indie studios.

The plans don't stop there with plans to expand their own developers already underway and seeking out those with experience in noted studios like Sony Computer Entertainment London, Rocksteady and Frontier Developments.

This is all taking place as nDreams is set to release tehir VR game The Assembly in 2016 on the PC and PS4. Looks like things are slowly moving towards developing for this new and frightening world of VR. At least we'll having something more to look at than Korean pop stars dancing.

[source Gamasutra]


Oliver Ayala

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