Independence Day 2 trailer welcomes all of us back

The trailer for Independence Day 2 dropped the other day and anyone around in the 90's at least had a brief flashback to the era. After all, it was the film that propelled Will Smith into movie stardom.  Which is why many fans are slightly miffed at his absence in the movie considering that Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are reprising their roles. There is actually an in-universe reason for Captain Steven Hiller's lack of welcoming aliens to earth. Turns out he died in a test flight of a new hybrid alien spacecraft in 2007. The story element was revealed in a throwaway fashion through the movies viral marketing site War of 1996

I hate to admit how excited I am about this movie, but the nostalgia is far too strong with Pullman's speech being recited in the trailer. You can bet your buns that my buns will be in  a theater seat on July 4, 2016.

Oliver Ayala

I'm able to eat 25 Mcnuggets in a row and maintain total composure. It's important to note that I have zero useful skills and will be the third to perish once the country runs out of corn syrup and the end days begin. I have zero allegiances to any gaming company or platform and go where the games are. Anime is my domain and I am a lower tier noble with hopes of becoming a duke. Oh, and I kinda started the site and trick- I mean, convinced some friends into helping.