Samsung Pay will enable online shopping in the US next year

Samsung refuses to play second fiddle to Apple and always looking for ways to outdo the competition. Whether that's through imitation or innovation matters little these days which has prompted Samsung to expand its mobile payment system. US residents will be allowed to shop online.

So far, only  the higher-end phones support the ability to use Samsung's mobile wallet with lower priced phones being supported "within the next year", said Thomas Ko, global co-manager of Samsung Pay during an interview.

Samsung had a slight advantage over the competition due to it relying on equipment which is widely available in most stores. Apple Pay and Android Pay requires stores to invest in new equipment which slows down integration. This is reflected in the numbers being reported by Samsung as it shows that Samsung Pay is the most widely used mobile wallet in the United States.

The online integration will present an alternative to the online giant PayPal which has seen plenty of criticism in recent years. Overall, mobile wallets still have to face the hurdle of customers finding it easier to swipe a card rather than gamble on a store accepting a new payment option.

[source Reuters]


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