YoKai Watch 2 dominates the Japanese box office

If you aren't familiar with Yokai Watch then you will be soon. The popular Nintendo 3DS game and anime has swept over Japan like Pokemon did in the late 90's and early 2000's. The franchise has sparked an enormous demand for toys and any merchandise related to the popular game series.

Much like Pokemon, you go about collecting little monsters (Yokai) and use them in battles along your journey. The weekend Japanese box office saw Yokai Watch the Movie 2: Enma and the 5 stories, Nyan! rake in $4.1 million on 450,000 admissions from Dec. 26-27. The film has earned $19 million since it premiered with over 2.15 million admissions.

It should be noted that Japanese box office rankings places more value on the number of admissions rather than the total amount earned. This explains why Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned the number 2 spot with $5.8 million and 440,000 admissions.

[source Variety]


Oliver Ayala

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