Our Thoughts on the Newest Batman vs Superman Trailer

Hi folks, this is Oliver and welcome to our first entry into our discussion series where we talk about the hard hitting news of the day...ok, just geek stuff, but hopefully it's compelling. Today I am joined by our website's artist,writer,moderator, fellow admin, and occasional photographer Robert G.


Oliver: So, what were your thoughts on the newest movie trailer?

Robert: It felt more interesting to me, the whole world building was neato, like Bruce watching the building being destroyed by Zodds laser was actually timed correctly with that of the Man of Steel movie,but the whole trailer feels pretty grim, but hey that's what they're going for so I'm not surprised.

Oliver Ayala:I seriously never understood peoples complaint about the Zodd fight. It felt overwhelmingly obvious that it would be the source of conflict in the next films. Mind you, I didn't expect it to come from batman, but it still applies.

People said it was pointless and unlike superman when i can point to 10 examples off hand where similar things happen in comics and animated shows/movies.

And rag on snyder all you want, i know i have, but the man has an amazing eye for composition and making scenes visually amazing and seem as though they were ripped straight from a comic panel.

Robert: I think I had similar complaints initially with the Zodd fight. Mostly because while I was watching the start of the movie it was a bit of a letdown.

Oliver Ayala: Yes, the movie [Man of Steel] as a whole has been described by many , including me,as a letdown.

Robert Gudino: Right, after that I sorta felt like everything wasn't planned out well throughout the movie. But thinking a bit and conversing with others I would disagree now that the fight between supers and Zodds fight seemed pretty realistic. Since Zodd has no inhibition to limit his strength. That and there was already a massive amount of damage done to the city prior to the fight.

"Yeah, it's easy to pan every aspect of the film when it had so many other issues in peoples eyes."

Oliver Ayala: Yeah, it's easy to pan every aspect of the film when it had so many other issues in peoples eyes.

Robert Gudino: Yeye, definitely. I think that's where the main complaint stems from.

Like the movie has its unexpected results.

Most people thought that Clarks and Pa Kent's relationship would be done much better

Rather you get a father who seemed overprotective of Clark to the point where he didn't want him to use his gifts to save people as a boy.

Oliver Ayala: Having watched the newest trailer, I think it's safe to say that Clarks parents in these movies are more pessimistic about the world and protective to the point of advising him to not help others. Martha is shown telling him that he doesn't owe the world anything. Not what you'd expect to hear her say if you rely on the classic image of the character.

Robert Gudino: Indeed which I imagine was off putting.

Oliver Ayala: I think, we knew it would be a different Johnathan, just not to the point of allowing himself to die

Robert Gudino: Dont save me unstoppable super son

Oliver Ayala: Who can do it so quickly that no one would notice

 "it took them by surprise with the changes they did"

Robert Gudino: I think for the most part people didn't like the movie, because it took them by surprise with the changes they did [to the superman story].

Oliver Ayala: Superman stories are typically associated with optimism and eye popping color in most peoples eyes which we didn't really get from these movies

Robert Gudino: Indeed, I mean. My father liked the older Superman films, and felt that much of a movie was a downer.

Oliver Ayala: An argument can be made for trying new things and going in a new direction, but at the same time, people keep going back to the same story for a reason. There are certain elements that are expected beyond the superficial accuracy of the character names and power sets.

Robert Gudino: Yup yup, something dark is expected out of Batman and in contrast we had Superman whom was an optimist and bastion of hope. Which also bleeds into the environments themselves.

Like this is seen through many iterations of Batman and Superman.

Superman's Metropolis being something of a beacon for good and order and Gotham being something of an opposite. I know that's generalizing it. But at face value that's how I see it.

But the new movieverse seems to have just gone with the Batman route.

Oliver Ayala: And it's easy to see why they would go that route with the crazy amounts of money that the Nolan directed Batman trilogy made.

Grim was in and it creeped into a lot of other movies as well.

 "...it separates them from Marvel films as well"

Robert Gudino: Not only that but I'd say it separates them from Marvel films as well.

Oliver Ayala: Certainly the Marvel Studios produced films though you do see that trend in the Fox and Sony produced films.

Robert Gudino: Yeye, definitely. I'd say it's also attracts the more "mature" audience.

"The maturity came at the cost of fun for many films"

Oliver Ayala: I agree, though it can be argued that super hero movies needed to get a bit more "mature" and grow up. Though anything in excess can be bad.

The maturity came at the cost of fun for many films

Robert Gudino: That alone can be a different topic haha, as to whether we should take these films seriously haha.

Oliver Ayala: Haha, yes. Another topic. We can save that for next time. For now, it  seems like we both agree that the new trailer seems to continue with the grim tone.

Robert Gudino: I was also gonna bring up how they turned Supes idolization into a weird one.

Like in the comics he was a figure that everyone aspired to be. But it didn't venture into God/Jesus/Capacity

Like in the trailer the glimpses we saw of the people who liked superman it felt like they saw him as the next messiah in a very toxic way.

Oliver Ayala: I agree. The first film beat us over the head with Christ imagery and portrayed him as a martyr and more positively. This film seems to want to push an almost antichrist/ false prophet image.

It's not typically ground we see covered in traditional superman comics with such a heavy hand. Yhe topics have been covered in one form or another, but never so blatantly through religious symbolism.

Robert Gudino: Indeed, I mean it was never touched on in other films either. Like its going with there darker and pessimist look.

Oliver Ayala:Which is evident in the trailer. With that though I think we can call it a discussion.

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