SDCC is Now Behind Us and Should We Even Care?

 [Photo taken by Oliver Ayala]

[Photo taken by Oliver Ayala]

It's July 16th and San Diego Comic-con is now behind us and we're exhausted from wandering the immense halls of the San Diego Convention center. It was a fun affair if not a tad expensive. However, the behemoth event has long been criticized for losing focus on its comic book roots. Having attended this year and years past, I would have to agree with the argument that it has shifted towards a more pop culture convention. One which draw thousands of comic book and non comic book fans. The halls are draped in advertisements for The History Channel's Vikings and banners for The Hunger Games. I personally overheard someone say "so, explain it to me. What's the deal with these comic's and cartoons?". Now, this could be easily taken as a sign that the wrong people are getting into the much coveted convention, but is it really so bad?

For years, anyone growing up immersed in geek culture would find themselves questioned for their unique interest in comic books, scifi or fantasy based entertainment. Now that "geek" is in fashion, we as fellow geeks can take this as an opportunity to spread the word and inform people on why the things we love are worth their time. Instead, you often overhear people in geek circles bemoan the popularization of events like SDCC.

"It's no longer entirely about the comic books..."

It's no longer entirely about the comic books and you hear stories about famed comic artists left ignored while people flock to towards the stars of hot movies like Twilight. However, you roam the halls and you also see people being shown around by friends familiar with geek culture teaching them and showing them why everything around them is so cool. Does SDCC have problems? Yes, many. Hall H has been the center of many articles, but it is also an entertaining circus that delivers amazing moments like the recent Star Wars outdoor concert and new trailers for giant upcoming films like Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. It creates buzz among the general population and that in turn means potential money which can be be invested into more projects that appeal to us. That's a lot of maybe's , but there are other positive things about SDCC. Smaller panel rooms host a wide variety of amazing panels hosted by industry giants. If you haven't already guessed, I am still not jaded on the idea of SDCC. It has grown to be an expensive endeavor with parking being a nightmare, but it manages to get me excited every single year. Not only that, but you also get to see amazingly funny cosplay like this Kimmy Schmidt found in the exhibit hall. 

San Diego Comic-Con 2015

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