The Suicide Squad Trailer has landed and...

The Suicide Squad adaptation has been the source of a lot of attention given the inclusion of the newest version of Batman's notorious villain The Joker. The cast is filled with a roster of stars as famous as the characters they portray. The trailer landed during SDCC ( San Diego Comic Con) as an exclusive to panel attendees  and is the first time fans have been officially treated to any footage of the film.

"Controversy arose when a leaked version of the trailer appeared online"

Controversy arose when a leaked version of the trailer appeared online with WB feeling upset over the footage going beyond the halls of the San Diego Convention Center. As expected, the leaked trailer was viewed by many before Warner Brothers decided to release an official high resolution version of the trailer. This gave fans not privy to the SDCC panel a clear look at the cast and Jared Leto's version of the Joker. It is understandable that WB's wants to have as much control as possible over the marketing and image of the film and leaks make that much harder. However, many fans expressed relief and gratitude for the official release of the trailer to the masses. Suicide Squad is set to release on August 5th 2016 and is directed and written by David Ayer who worked on the recent Brad Pitt film Fury.

The trailer certainly sets a tone in line with the rest of the DCCU DC (Cinematic Universe), but benefits from the source material being rather grim at times. With a cast as large as Suicide Squad's , it's difficult to showcase and give every character and actor sufficient screen time in the trailer. We get snippets of potential back stories and even one scene of Ben Affleck's new Batman clinging onto the roof of a car. It's tricky to judge the quality of a film based of one trailer, we have been fooled in the past. Looking at you Man of Steel! Though the early footage at least looks competent and only time will tell if the movie is actually any good. 

Oliver Ayala

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