Ant-Man Numbers are in

 Photo taken at SDCC 2015 by Oliver Ayala

Photo taken at SDCC 2015 by Oliver Ayala

The  Marvel produced film starring Paul Rudd has kicked things off on Thursday night in the United States with $1.8 million on it's debut. 

The film underwent writing and director changes with famed director Edgar Wright leaving the project and director Peyton Reed Stepping in. Ant Man's earning's last night are not record breaking numbers for Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy earning $11.2 million in its Thursday night debut in 2014.  The film was satirized and mocked initially for the premise and name, but long time Marvel fans and geeks knew about the importance of the charter within the Marvel comic book universe. 

In the comics, the title of Ant Man is taken up by scientist and inventor Hank Pym who rivals Tony Stark in intelligence and ego and was one of the founding members of the Avengers. Pym is also responsible for the creation of Ultron which was changed to Tony Stark for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

"The mantle was then passed on to Scott Lang who is the center of the live action film"

The mantle was then passed on to Scott Lang who is the center of the live action film. It's interesting that Marvel chose to not use Hank Pym, but there are already enough tortured scientists on the team. You also have the stalwart defenders of justice Captain America and Thor. It only makes sense to throw someone in who is less inhibited and who can cause trouble. 

 Paul Rudd at the red carpet  premiere of Ant Man

Paul Rudd at the red carpet  premiere of Ant Man

Ant Man is produced by Disney owned Marvel and available nationwide in theaters. Which is where you should be watching. Lookin' at you shaky cam pirates. 


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