Yet Another Disney Classic is Being Turned into a Live Action FIlm

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney is gathering the right people to start working on a live action adaptation of the The Sword in the Stone .

The original film was released in 1963 and tells the tale of young Arthur who pulls a mysterious sword from a stone and is then taken in by Merlin as an apprentice. Many, myself included, have fond memories of the film. It should come as no surprise that Disney is doing with the success of Maleficent ($758,410,378 worldwide) and Cinderella (539,549,342 worldwide). Seems like a pretty safe bet for a company that seems to do no wrong. Disney also owns PixarMarvel and the Star Wars franchise and those are guaranteed money factories for Disney.

Disney recently announced plans to release a staggering amount of live action adaptions including the recently announced Aladdin live action prequel. 

The Sword in the Stone is set to have Bryan Cogman write the script. Cogman comes in with some beefy credentials having written and produced Game of Thrones which also shares a similar medieval setting. Slightly less killing though.

Brigham Taylor is set to produce The Sword in the Stone along with the live action version of The Jungle Book. Taylor has a history of working on Disney projects having worked on The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as well. 

[Source The Hollywood Reporter]


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