Frieza Faces off Against Goku in Latest Extended Clip

It's pretty obvious that Dragon ball Z Resurrection:F is drawing a lot of attention from long time fans. The film seeks to bring back the iconic villain Frieza who forced the series main character Goku to surpass all previous limits and achieve his iconic Super Saiyan form.

The latest clip via IGN shows Frieza after a series of small skirmishes between his henchmen and the Z Fighters. He immediately  launches into his final form , but we all know from the posters that he is saving his new real final form for a big a shocking on screen reveal as is normal in Dragon Ball stories. 

Dragon Ball:Resurrection F is set to release August 4th in the United States. The film released back in August in Japan and has already earned $50 million and comes right as the newest series Dragon Ball Super premieres in Japan. It should be noted that early reviews of Dragon Ball Super indicate that Dragon Ball Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F seem to be a different continuity from Super. The new tv series Dragon Ball Super appears to be a longer form retelling of the movies .Check out the latest clip above and leave a comment describing who your favorite Z fighter is in the series. Mine is Krillin. Best character ever. 

[Source IGN]


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