China Completely Lifts Video Game Console Ban

China has finally decided to lift its ban on the sale of videogame consoles according to a report released by the Wall Street Journal. Those who remember will recall China allowing the sale of consoles by foreign makers like Nintendo and Sony if they consoles were manufactured in China and sold within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone

The new move will apply towards domestic and foreign companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to sell across all of China. The Ministry of Culture implemented the test program last year in order to gauge how successful it would be and decided to expand it to the entire country. 

China instituted the ban back in 2000 in order to protect China's youths from the negative effects of video games. I guess that means that games no longer have an adverse affect on kids? Whatever the reason, this bodes well for video game makers and console makers since China's gaming market is estimated to be be worth a whopping $22.2 billion this year alone.

[Source WSJ


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