MegaMan Creator's Red Ash: The Indelible Legend releases Progress Video

Haven't heard of Red Ash yet? How about MegaMan? Well, the man behind the creation of MegaMan , Keiji Inafune, was tired of waiting for Capcom to do something with the beloved franchise and decided to go off and create his own games through Kickstarter and the help of fans.

Inafune went ahead and launched a campaign for Mighty No. 9 during the 2013 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and it quickly became one of the most succesful funding projects in Kickstarter history. The campaign ended with over $3.8 million donated, an additional $201,409 through paypal and even more through additional campaigns seeking more donations with the promise of additional content. Mind you, they originally asked for $900,000. Mighty No. has yet to be released , but Inafune and developer Comcept are already at work with Red Ash: The Indelible Legend

 Red Ash: The Indelible Legend is Inafune's effort to show his love of animation and takes heavy inspiration from MegaMan Legends. So far, the games kickstarter needs a minimum of $800,000 by August 3rd 2015 in order to release the first three episodes worth of content. An additional stretch goal of an extra $200,000 will add a Playstation 4 port. So far the project has 5,761 backers with over $465,000 in donations. The project has on board team members who worked in MegaMan Legends and Mighty No. 9 which comes as a relief to many fans. The team recently posted a video showing the "atmosphere" the team is aiming for using assets from Mighty No. 9.

The project also has another Kickstarter campaign tied to it for an anime adaption titled Red Ash: Magicicada by STUDIO4℃ . That campaign needs at least $150,000 to meet its goal and currently has over $94,000 in pledges with 8 days to go. 


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