Nintendo Seeks to Build a Sleep Monitor with a Projector

 Photo by  Evan

Photo by Evan

Looks like NeoGAF user Disorientor has stumbled upon the patent for the  much fabled Nintendo sleep device. Three patents were apparently filed on October 29th, 2014. Each device appears to to work together to gather the users sleep score and project the results on a ceiling. Nintendo has been known to dabble and and never release products. Remember the Vitality Sensor? No, seriously. Does someone actually remember the thing? It looked cool, but served no real purpose or function. It's too early to tell why we should let yet another company gather as much data about us as possible, but if it turns out that this will be the only way to catch some crazy new pokemon then count me in.

It's not entirely clear how the devices will interact, but then again, these patents don't really mean that these concepts will carry over into the final design of the product. Usually, it's to cover all of their bases and make sure no one else can implement some of these features into their own knockoff .

Here we see the balance board somehow interacting and gathering info for the main device. If you think it's a little excessive or creepy to gather this much data, then you'd be in the same boat as me. Only time will tell how Nintendo will  end up using all of this potential data.

[Source NeoGAF]


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