Some of the Best Spider-Man Cosplay Ever

If you have been online or are a part of the Southern California convention scene, then you have seen Luc Luzzo aka (Chaos Prince & Bboyspiderman). There is always a glut of Spider-Man cosplay at every convention, but few ever have the right poses or show the amount of attention to detail and variation that Luzzo has shown.

Here we have Spider-Man Uk which doesn't get enough love in my opinion. 

Doesn't stop there, he also regularly poses with other noted cosplayers for epic photos. For more of Luc Luzzo's photos, follow him on Facebook and Instagram. For more featured Cosplayers and amazing costumes, make sure to keep checking back since this will be a regular thing from now on. Know any other amazing cosplayers that deserve attention? Let us know by leaving a comment below and telling us who should be featured next.

Oliver Ayala

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