Nokia Back from the Dead and Working on a New Virtual Reality Camera

Remember your old indestructible Nokia phones? Those were the days. Nokia was on top and nothing could stop them. That is until Apple came riding in a shiny new lowrider called the iPhone and all of the kids wanted one. Needless to say, the company hit a few setbacks and was purchased by Microsoft in 2013. Microsoft recently wrote off the purchase which leaves the question of Nokia's future hanging in the air.

Looks like we have an answer and that is virtual reality. More specifically, virtual reality cameras aimed at Hollywood productions and for projects involving VR headset like the Oculus Rift. Nokia's Ozo camera can capture 360 degree video with its spherical camera layout. GoPro and similar companies have a virtual reality setup as well, but those operate on a flat plain. Ozo has the distinct advantage of having those 8 shutter sensors in a spherical layout and binaural audio which basically means that sounds will be based on where you're looking. Hear something behind you and all you have to do is turn around and the sound shifts to your front. Pretty neat.

That's not all. The Ozo can also stitch together a low resolution version of the footage which is normally done in post production and takes up a lot of time. This thing keeps sounding better by the minute. I'd sign up for one if it wasn't for the rumors of the price tag. Remember, this is a pro-level piece of equipment and word on the street suggests that the price might hover around the $50,000 mark. The VR sector is quickly growing larger with YouTube beginning to feature more and more VR video clips. I think we all recall that K-pop group practicing . The Ozo is due for release by the fourth quarter of 2015.

[Source Nokia via The Verge]


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