Some of the Best Fan Art on the Internet Comes from One Person

If you're not already familiar with the Canadian artist known as sakimichan (real name  Yue Wang) then you have probably seen at least one of her digital paintings online somewhere. If you haven't then shame on you. It's really good and everyone should take a look. Not everyone likes the way she changes the characters, but her talent can not be denied. Sakimichan features her art primarily through DevianArt  and is well known in the convention circuit, but has also established a Patreon which earns her over $31,000 every two weeks! That's a lot of fan art. It's also the dream of any up and coming artist and she appears to have reached it despite some people not being too pleased about it. Personally, I say keep on living the geek dream sakimichan.

[source DeviantArt]


Oliver Ayala

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