Canon has a Solution for Shooting Pro Level Video Using Moonlight

If you're looking for a semi-affordable solution for recording great quality video then take a look at our article covering the Sony A7s. That camera boasts a video ISO range from 100-409,600! Paired with a f1.4 lens and you have a camera that can record pretty decent footage just using ambient moonlight. Now, that is an amazing feat and the price is astounding, but if you need an even higher ISO range then Canon has an answer for you. Say hello to Canon's ME20F-SH.

This sucker can give you an ISO equal to more than 4 million! You could shoot video without any moonlight and have it look amazing. The ME20F-SH is aimed at professional studio level productions and its $30,000 price tag goes to show who Canon is targeting.  It features a full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor. The best part? It can use EF mount lenses!  The ISO isn't the only expanded feature. The photosites in the ME20F-SH  are more than five times larger than the ones inside Canon's fanciest interchangeable photo cameras.

It isn't all sunshine and rainbow though. The camera can only output in 1080p which Canon claims is required to " achieve the highest possible low-light sensitivity". This might limit the prospects of making this piece of hardware future-proof. Just having 4k doesn't always mean a vastly better image and a lot can still be done with 1080p.

If you have the money to but one, you'll have to wait until December to get one. It's also right around Christmas and  I do need a $30,000 camera. Those cosplay video's won't film themselves. 

[source Engadget]


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