Japanese Job Site Teams up with Boruto-Naruto the Movie

Looks like Japanese job site Baitoru is teaming up with Boruto - Naruto the Movie for a little cross promotion. They are setting up a new online page titled " The Chunin Part-time Job Recruitment Has Begun!" , much like a typical chapter or episode title for the Naruto anime/manga. 

Applicants will be given the chunin "test" in Naruto style and rewarding applicants who gather "chakra"  by tweeting about the promotion. Rewards include movie tickets and other items. this is all being done to promote the latest and possibly last Kishimoto project. The man has been working for 15 years and even postponed his honeymoon by 10 years until after the manga has ended. I think it's safe to say that he has earned a break.

[Source Anime News Network

Oliver Ayala

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