Attack on Titan Live Action Films will have a Live Action TV Tie-in

Looks like the Attack on Titan film will be getting a live action television tie-in to bridge the gap between the two films. For those who don't already know about the hit series, Attack on Titan is based off a manga (Japanese comic book) which was then adapted into an anime. It centers around a soldier who is driven to eradicate a mysterious race of giant human-like creatures (called Titans) who only exist to eat and kill humans.

The manga had been fairly popular, but the whole hype train for the series took off once the anime came out. The slick visuals and emphasis on highlighting the terror of the characters world resonated with audiences and it became a hit in Japan and overseas.  They're building rides themed after the series in Universal Studios Japan.

The series has a set of two live action films coming out and the television series will serve as additional world building. There are three planned 30-minute episodes which will also add new characters exclusive to the live action adaptions.

The series will focus on Hanji played by Satomi Ishihara who is also in the film adaptions. The film version has yet to premiere in Japan,  but it did have a world premier in Hollywood which shows just how much of an international hit the series has become. 


Oliver Ayala

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