Dragon Ball Super Rocks us Again

It has been more than 27 years since the debut of the Dragon Ball manga (Japanese comic book) and more than 19 years since the Dragon Ball Z anime ended its original run on Japanese television. The sequel Dragon Ball GT, which ran immediately afterwards went on without the original creator Akira Toriyama, has since been tossed aside as non canon. Let's face it, Dragon Ball GT was pretty much garbage with the exception of a few elements and concepts. So, it's 2015 and the newest official entry into the Dragon Ball saga has just premiered with the release of Dragon Ball Super.   There is no official method of viewing the show outside of Japan as of yet. The show represents an enormous cash cow for U.S. distributor Funimation which dubs the show in English. Rest assured, the recent success of the animated Dragon Ball movies guarantees that we will see its release outside of Japan and that's a good thing. Yes, the animated movies. Never mention the American produced live action movie. It stands as a painful entry into the projects with the name Dragon Ball. Early reviews for DB Super are mostly positive with many fans basking in the glow of the recently released material. 

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z hit U.S. shores in the 90's and was a radical shift for many kids with its use of humor and on screen combat. Cartoon Networks programming block Toonami introduced many to the epic battles of Goku (the main character) and his companions. Since its run on American television, the kids have grown up and are now fully functioning adults. Well, mostly. It seems that they still carry a love for the show and the love has been passed down onto younger generations as well. There is no doubt that Dragon Ball Super will generate a lot of buzz when it finally does premiere in English. Whether it will sustain that buzz is another issue, but the show seems to be riding high on yellow clouds as of now.  So, we don't have any official way of viewing the show, but you can enjoy the intro and dream of the day it makes it outside of Japan.

Oliver Ayala

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