Deadpool is heading off to San Diego Comic-con and so am I!

San Diego Comic-con kicks off it's behemoth event tomorrow and guess who's going? Me! No one cares about that, but someone else is going. Ryan Reynolds just tweeted this image showing him in full sombrero and poncho hitching a ride to the annual comic book and pop culture event. Some (many) are jaded over the idea of SDCC , but I remain excited. That and fearful of the sea of people. As a side note, SDCC is a non profit and attempted to lay legal claim to the term "Comic-Con" , but failed to do so. As a result, many organizations with zero affiliation to SDCC can call their conventions "Comic-cons" including New York Comic-Con which has zero ties to the event in San Diego. The same folks behind SDCC also operate Wondercon which is moving from Anaheim to Los Angeles starting in 2016.


Oliver Ayala

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