Xbox One Gets ready for Windows 10 and Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft has recently released an update for its Xbox One console which will get it ready for streaming to  PC's and tablets using the soon to be launched Windows 10 operating system.  Will most people use this feature? Probably not, but that doesn't mean that I won't be testing it out to see how I can maximize my laziness.

The other feature included in the update includes the ability to play Xbox 360 titles once Microsoft unlocks the function later this year. That doesn't mean that all titles will be backwards compatible with 20 games being compatible at launch, but it is a welcome feature to have if it all works as it should. Microsoft hasn't exactly delivered a bug free experience on their new console with bugs plaguing the  Halo re-release and issues with the user interface.  You have to give them credit though for trying to hear what fans want and trying to address them. 

Microsoft announced the game streaming feature back the the distant past of January 2015 during a press event for Windows 10 which can be seen bellow.



Oliver Ayala

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