BBC's Sherlock greeted by applause at SDCC

 picture taken by Oliver Ayala 

picture taken by Oliver Ayala 

The BBC's  hit television series Sherlock was greeted warn you with the majority of the crowd having sat in specifically for the panel. Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Robert Grave sitting in. Unfortunately, Moriarty himself could not attend attend due to scheduling conflicts with James Bond Spectre. 

The audience was surprised  with a sneak peek at the shows Victorian special which will hopefully air later this year. Sue Vertue recounts how difficult it is to recreate a Victorian setting in modern London. 

Moffat reveals that the H in Dr Watson's name comes from a mix up where Johns name was written a James in a a draft by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A producer then came up the idea to use haymish since is the Scottish version of James. 

Fans were entertained by answers to questions like one intrepid fan who asked if we would ever see the third Holmes brother which led to Moffat staring her down giving his typical wry British answer and avoided the question. 

Moffat also surprised fans by revealing that the Victorian special will play in movie theaters across the globe which is a first for the BBC series and follows in the footsteps of Moffat other hit show Dr Who. 




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