Blu-ray Packaging Photos for Neon Genesis Evangelion Released

The groundbreaking anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall and is marking the occasion with limited edition versions of the Blue-ray's and DVD's. The anniversary editions will be released on August 25th in Japan at 38,000  Yen  ($304.92) for the Blu-ray edition and 18000 yen ($144.43) for the DVD edition. Long time fans know all too well that Evangelion gets constant re-releases and special editions. So, what is included in this version besides fancy new boxes?

 Blu-ray Features:

  • "Neon Genesis Evangelion" - HD Remastered
  • Combines episodes 1-26 and 21'-24'
  • Evangelion Death and Rebirth - HD master (first time Death will be released on video)
  • The End of Evangelion - HD master  (can play with the Love and Pop extra after the film)
  • Revival of Evangelion - HD master( Death(True)2/Love is Destructive/ONE MORE FINAL: I need you)

(10 discs):

Discs 1-5: TV series plus Director's Cut/Video Edition 21-24 re-mastered in HD

  • Bonus: 30s episode previews (ep 1-20)
  • 5 BD50 GB discs/1080p/4:3 format/5.1 Linear PCM & 2.0 Linear PCM tracks/JP Closed Caption subtitles

Disc 6: Death and Rebirth (Death first time on disc) using HD master

  • Bonus: Teaser, Trailer, TV spots
  • 1 BD 50 GB disc/1080p (one part not)/16:9/2.0 Linear PCM

Disc 7: The End of Evangelion using HD master

  • Bonus: Trailer/TV spots/ 5.1 surround Soundtrack (22 pieces chosen by Anno)
  • First time on disc bonuses: "Open Binds" (Raw materials for music composed for ep 26)
  • "Voice Auditions" (materials for Rei/Asuka/Misato/Ritsuko/Gendo's actors)
  • 1 BD 50 GB disc/1080p (one part not)/16:9 (some not)/5.1 Linear PC & 2.0 Linear PCM tracks

Disc 8: Revival of Evangelion
1 BD 50 GB disc/1080p/16:9/5.1 Linear PC & 2.0 Linear PCM tracks

Disc 9: Bonuses

  • Episode 25/26 (laserdisc/VHS edition)
  • Textless OP/ED
  • Image Board collection
  • Genesis 0:0 features
  • Movie ep 26 live action part
  • TV CM collection
  • Music clip collection

New bonuses made for BD-Box:

  • Movie Ep 26 live action making of clip (supervised by Anno)
  • Movie Ep 26 last scene alternative line version (Asuka line change)
  • BD-Box promotional clip
  • 1 BD 50 GB disc/1080p (some not)/16:9/5.1 Linear PCM and 2.0 Linear PCM tracks

Disc 10: Bonuses pt 2

  • Recording/Dubbing videos
  • Episodes 9/15/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/Rebirth/Air (part)
  • Episodes 20/21/25/26/Rebirth are newly made for this set
  • 1 BD 50 GB disc/1080i/4:3/2.0 Linear PCM

170 pg booklet containing materials from the laser disc booklets
Eva fan-letter set (from laser discs)

DVD Features:

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (On air version)
  • Episodes 1-26 as they aired on TV (First time released on video)
  • Evangelion: Death (True) and Rebirth (TV broadcast version (First time Death(True) was released on video)
  •  (8 discs)
  • Disc 1-7: TV series (on-air version)
  • 2-layer discs/4:3/Dolby Digital 2.0/JP closed caption subtitles

Disc 7 Bonus footage:
TV series re-broadcast special programs (first time on-disc)

  • Movie Decision!
  • Excitement of Pre-sale Tickets
  • Voice from actress
  • Exciting Evangelion Festival!
  • Inside Gainax!
  • Everything about Evangelion Death and Rebirth

TV series re-re-broadcast special programs:

  • Night 1 pt 1/2
  • Night 2 pt 1/2/3
  • Night 3 pt 1/2
  • Final Night pt 1/2

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