CBS Releases a New Promo for Supergirl

CBS has just released the latest promo for their upcoming series based on DC's Supergirl. The show is set to premiere on CBS October 26 at 8:30 p.m. and will then move ti its normal 8 p.m. timeslot  on November 2. 

The show has been criticized left and right. Both by comic book fans and groups who take offense to the use of "girl" in her title. Despite what some media outlets might think, comic book fans are not frightened of having a female led hero starring in the show. The main issue comes with the tone of the show. To frame the complaint, an SNL parody showed what would happen if Scarlett Johnasson's character ever got her own movie. Instead of the same action packed tone of the Avengers, Hollywood producers would create a romantic comedy aimed at women. It just happens that the Supergirl pilot almost follows the SNL parody beat for beat , but in a non-ironic way. The show will have a few bumps to smooth out, but if it manages to gain an audience that would normally not watch a superhero show then all the better.  After all, 90's Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman managed to pull in new fans when it debuted.

Sometimes, comic book fans need to stop and realize that making the worlds of our beloved heroes more accessible benefits the geek community in the long run. Hopefully Supergirl will serve as a gateway comic book show for new fans.


Oliver Ayala

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