New Little Witch Academia 2 Trailer is Released Upon the Wilds of the Internet

If you haven't watched the original Little Witch Academia, stop. Go and find it and watch it. Now that you have come back, good news! Studio Trigger has released the second trailer for Little Witch Academia : The Enchanted Parade. Yuiko Ohara provides the the theme song "Magic Parade" which can be heard in the trailer.

The film has already made its debut at Anime Expo on July 3 and will see a theatrical release in October in Japan. Fort those who aren't aware, the series is funded through Kickstarter. For the sequel, the goal was set to $150,000 which was reached in five hours. The end of the campaign saw a total of $625,518 donated towards the project. Honestly, if you haven't watched the series and are a fan of anime, go and watch it. Anime fans are always looking for something they can show friends and family, but a lot of anime tends to be entrenched in anime tropes which can be off putting. Little Witch Academia is a simple story with no 9,000 year old demons who look like 9 year olds. The animation is fluid, highly exaggerated and reminiscent of Loony Toons movements. It's short and sweet and should get more attention from anime fans.


Oliver Ayala

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