Pigeon Dating Simulator Creator Reveals Latest Game, Black Holmes

Remember that wacky dating sim that involved courting pigeons? Yeah, good times. Well, Hatoful Boyfriend went on to achieve internet fame and remains as one of the more odd dating sims to date. Now we get news that the series creator is working on a new game titled Black Homes.

You can take a look at the official website, if you can read in Japanese that is. Now, I must confess that my Japanese only extends as far as Anime and ends at ramen. So it should come as no surprise that I will rely on Google translate to gleam a few more bits of information. 

1889, London. 
Dazzling light prosperity and civilization has brought dropped a well-colored shadow to society, 
malicious people in stagnation had undergone a deepening. Human history and criminal history just like coins of both sides. Crime in response to the evolution of civilization also go increasingly diverse. This is a detective that has been fascinated with the art serving crime that gave birth of mankind, he to do our crime king of the story. “

The game seems to feature a character named Noah Holmes and not the traditional Sherlock. The games creator Hato Moa has quite a bit to live up to in terms of internet fame. He took a brief break while he recovered from an unknown illness. 


Oliver Ayala

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