Samsung Unveils the Worlds Largest Hard Drive

Looks like my current 500 GB SSD will do for now after hearing the news out of the Flash Memory Summit in California. Samsung has just unleashed upon the world what looks to be the worlds largest hard drive. What makes the whole announcement event more amazing is that it comes in the form of 16 terabyte SSD (Solid State Drive) titled PM1633a, which uses NAND flash chips instead of traditional spinning platters which have offered the largest storage options for hard drives. Normally, SSD's are preffered among PC enthusaists for their read and write speeds. Want a simple way to speed up your computer? Install an SSD. Unfortunately, we didn't get any numbers regarding sustained read and write speeds.

I should be noted that this hard drive is designed for enterprise market and meant to go inside giant servers.  The PM1633a uses 500 of Samsung's 32 gigabyte NAND flash chips in a total of 48 layers. That will explain why the casing is beefier at twice the thickness of a standard 2.5 inch hard drive.

It's pretty obvious that old spinning disc drives will soon be obsolete , especially of this technology makes its way to the consumer market. Just don't expect this to be cheap. At least initially. For now, an enterprise-grade terabyte SSD runs around $800.  Samsung has yet to relase a price for their 16 TB monster, but it will surelybe more than $800. 

[source arstechnica]


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