Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature a Big Hero 6 World

Pretty decent sized news came out of Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim over the weekend. Looks like Kingdom Hearts fans can expect an entirely new world based on the recent film Big Hero 6.  Fans have been speculating over the subject of new world in the game.This new world will also technically fulfill the role of being a Marvel world since Big Hero 6 is based off a rather obscure comic book. Fans are still hoping for a Star Wars themed world considering the big push Disney is making for all things Star Wars.

Take a look at the video above to see what the producer of Big Hero 6 had to say about the whole thing. Now lets see if we will actually get the game during this console generation. Square Enix is infamous for delaying games and not always meeting fan expectation. They are currently working on Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 and Xbox One which was originally titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PS3. Square Enix also recently annoucned a remake for fan favorite Final Fantasy VII which has been on many gamers wishlist for years. Lets just hope that they aren't stretching themselves thin and we get the game we have all been expecting.


Oliver Ayala

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