Drones freak bears out

You know those ever useful and annoying RC "drones" that are everywhere? You know the ones. The type that can be used to help make wedding videos or peep on unsuspecting neighbors. It turns out that humans are not the only species annoyed by the flying buggers.

A research article published in Current Biology states that black bears have a notable physical reaction to drones whenever they are near. The researchers used GPS and heart-rate data to correlate increased heart rates and specific behavioral patterns to the presence of drones.

The heart rate increased by as much as 400%, from 41 beats per minute to 162 beats per minute. There is always a desire to find new ways to document wildlife from a distance to reduce interference, but it's clear that drones aren't the right solution for close observation. At least not yet. Even quiet drones produce notable noise levels and can be a distraction. 

[Source Current Biology]


Oliver Ayala

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