Disney is going ahead with the 'Jungle Cruise' movie and it will star The Rock


You just can't seem to stop the Disney train lately. We don't count Tomorrowland because that would ruin the imagery of an unstoppable train. Their Marvel movies keep making crazy amounts of money, Pixar draws in family's,  Star Wars upcoming films have everyone waiting for December and the plans for Star Wars themed lands in Disneyland and Disney World has me wishing I had gone through with my plans to build a time machine.

Disney just finished showing off most of their upcoming plans at their recent D23 Expo which included a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Well, looks like they are going to prove again that they can make a movie about anything. According to an article by Variety,  Disney is going ahead with an untitled film based on its Jungle Cruise ride with Dwayne Johnson attatched to star.

This news comes after years of the film being in development with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen being attached to star at various times. There is virtually no information on the film other than the fact that it will be a period piece. 

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra who helmed  Crazy Stupid Love are set to be the writers. John Davis and John Fox from Davis Entertainment will produce the film with Kristin Burr overseeing everything for Disney.

Lets be honest, I'll watch anything with Dwayne Johnson. The guy is charismatic as is humanely possible and one fits the action star role better than him. No one. 



Oliver Ayala

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