Mighty No. 9 Might not Release on Schedule


According to a recent article published by Game Informer, Mighty No. 9 might be delayed until 2016. Mighty No. 9 is a spiritual suuccessor to the the Mega Man franchise created by the the man who created Mega Man, Keiji Infaune. The game was funded through Kickstarter and quickly became one of the most successful campaigns on the crowd funding site. The game was expanded from its original PC release to a full console launch, but not everything has been rosy for Inafune  and developer Comcept. The game was originally promised an April 2015 release date and this report from Game Informer points to yet another delay. For those who don't know, Game Informer is owned by video game retailer Gamestop and they have used their connection to get confirmation about the push back.

This does not bode well for Inafune and Comcept since they recently announced yet another game titled Red Ash: The Indelible Legend and failed to meet their $800,000 goal in time. The project was  saved by the Chinese game company Fuze Entertainment. The $800,000 goal on Kickstarter was then converted to fulfill stretch goals. While there is no doubt that Mighty No.9 and Red Ash will be fun and entertaining, perhaps finishing a project before starting a new ambitious game would yield better results. Not to mention that people are beginning to grow weary of game projects that seemingly don't need crowd-funding to get made. The recent Shenmue 3 crowd-funding effort came across as a cheap marketing ploy and unnecessary since many believe Sony would have fully funded the game regardless of a crowd-funding campaign.

I have played Mighty No. 9 several times and can say that a delay will be worth the wait as long as it manages to deliver a bug free experience. The recent glut of release-broken-games-and-patch-latter attitude has become tiresome with the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight being the most recent high profile example. Keep up to date with more news and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram

[source Game Informer]



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