P.T. Recreated by Fan

Qureshi spent “104 hours over 4 weeks” recreating the small, but largely remembered teaser for the now cancelled Silent Hills. Built on the Unity engine, Qureshi reconstructed the models and captured direct images  and sounds within P.T. for a closer experience to the original. Although the key aspect of traveling through the door to the same hallway is lost, Qureshi replicated the experience by having the player walk towards the various, predesignate set pieces. When showcasing the project, called PuniTy, Qureshi remarked that it was, “really satisfying to hear people say “hey, that’s P.T.!”” It’s worth heading over to The Outline and taking a closer look at the process of making this project.  

This is not the first time P.T.'s  environment was recreated, as user djoexe produce an equally impressive recreation in the Unreal Engine 4.