Nintendo 2DS price drops to $100

I have yet to actually see someone using a 2DS out in the wild so it doesn't come as a surprise to find out that the handheld is dropping in price. Already cheap at $130, the dual screen non-3D handheld from Nintendo is now $100. The success of the DS line of handhelds features a clamshell design which has been the cause of many problems for people who are less than careful, especially children. In addition to the easily broken hinges, the 3D feature had many parents concerned about the effects on their children's eyes. So Nintendo decided to offer a logical solution to address these issues and launched the 2DS in October 2013 for $130.  The game will come bundles with a digital version of Mario Kart 7 which makes this an even better deal.

The handheld managed to sell over 2.1 million units by January of 2014. I'm not really sure where those 2DS systems are, but its nice to see that a practical system like this has gained some level of popularity. The low price point offers an affordable entry into the 3DS library of games. Lets face it, most 3D use in games is pretty terrible anyway. Though there are a few exceptions here and there.

This all comes in time for the holiday season. So if you ave been wondering about the games on the 3DS , but have been unable to play due to prices, now is your chance.

[source Business Wire]



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