Defective iPhone 6 Plus cameras to be replaced using Apples new policy

Regardless of your allegiance to  Google's Android or Apple's IOS, it can not be denied that Apple makes some of the best cellphone cameras on the market. Unfortunately, every cellphone has a defect or two and Apple to providing a solution for customers who have issues with the rear facing cameras in iphone 6 Plus models sold between September 2014 and January 2015. Their iSight Camera Replacement Program addresses a "small percentage" of units sold which produce blurry images using the rear camera. 

If you have a phone that matches that description then follow this link which takes you the program page. Once there, enter your serial number . You can take your phone to an Apple store or call Apple's tech support in order to arrange a way to get your phone fixed.  Don't forget to back up your data if you do end up sending your phone in though. Also, you might want to delete an embarrassing picture or two. You don't want someone getting an unexpected surprise when they take a look at your phone.

[source ars technica ]


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