Crazy good One Piece 3D art

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Are you a One Piece fan? No? Doesn't matter because this scene created by Chinese artist Zhong Zhengxiang is so amazing that anyone can appreciate the artistry.  Zhengxiang used Z-brush, Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop to create the image. A rather common set of 3D modeling tools used to great effect. The scene is a composite narrative that...


features the fist scene from the story which has Gold D. Roger being beheaded for his pirating ways and his son, Portgas D Ace, decades later being subjected to the same fate. You can also see Monkey D Garp behind the father-son pair.

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Take a look below and check out the models at various stages and close ups. This is definitely a contender for best fan art  this year.

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[source zbrushcentral]


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