"Did You Know Gaming?" takes a look at the Persona series

Did You Know Gaming takes another look at a long standing video game series with Persona in the spotlight. Take a look at the video above for all of the tidbits and info on the series. If you don't have time for that then take a read at some of the funnier things from the video below.

Trivia from the video:

  • Persona 2 Eternal Punishment is the 3rd Persona game
  • Persona 2 Innocent Sin was not localized due to the amount of Japanese references
  • Innocent Sin made its way to the PSP in 2011 and included Hitler with sunglasses and renamed Fuhrer
  • Revelations Persona was heavily changed to remove Japanese references 
  • Revelations Persona was also made easier
  • Persona has seem some characters change, including one character's race being changed for US localization
  • Persona 3 can detect cheat devices and results in characters chastising players
  • The games series has many real word references like jabs at the Twilight book series, Legend of Zelda, and Mario games.

Oliver Ayala

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