Razer announces customizable Xbox One controller

Razer announced at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) that it will be releasing it's $150 Wildcat controller for the Xbox One. The main goal for the controller is to give competitive gamers the edge and has resulted in 25 percent weight reduction when compared to the controller that ships with the console. The Wildcat includes four additional buttons that can be remapped and a "quick control" panel on the bottom that lets you quickly switch profiles, adjust chat and volume. Take a look at the video below to check out all of the sweet angles that the new controller has to offer. The radioactive green color is questionable, but gamers will put up with anything as long as it feels great and gives them an edge. 


Dominate with game-changing advantage with the Razer Wildcat Tournament Grade Controller for Xbox One™: http://rzr.to/wildcat. The new Razer Wildcat is built on a legacy left by award-winning controllers like the Razer Sabertooth, and is the result of continuously working with eSports athletes and gamers worldwide.


Oliver Ayala

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