Netflix app on Wii U is finally complete

Nintendo's current gen gaming console has had a Netflix app since launch day and it got the job done. However, other devices offered a more "complete" Netflix experience. What do I mean? Well, for starters, the Wii U version didn't support individual profiles, autoplay, and Netflix's new updated user interface. These things aren't really necessary to watch a movie or binge on an entire series, but it does make things easier. It also makes you wonder why every other device in your entertainment arsenal can do these convenient things, but not your new gaming console.  Users online are already reporting that the latest update to the app offers a more responsive experience that will let Wii U owners rely more often on Nintendo's console to offer all forms of TV entertainment.  Even the resume function received a fix which is crucial for those of us who constantly have to stop and restart a viewing session. 


Oliver Ayala

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