Red Ash -Magicicada- Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Amidst a failed Kickstarter for Comcept, STUDIO4℃ happily announces their success of their Red Ash -Magicicada- Kickstarter. Initially launched back in July 4th, the Kickstarter was created alongside its video game counterpart from Comcept. From the start, both production studios aimed at creating their vision of the Red Ash concept, allowing for full creative freedom for both parties.

STUDIO4℃’s story of Red Ash centers around Beck, a treasure hunter, competing with his friend to dig up a hidden treasure. Originally, the studios goal was to create a 5 minute short with the initial $150,000 goal, however it was expanded to 18 minutes. The anime will be created with 3D characters combined with 2D painted backgrounds.