Anime California Saturday cosplay

It's the end of August and Anime California is in full swing. Attention might be centered around PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), but it's not the only convention taking place. The small convention seems to be growing in size with expected attendance to be near 6,000 people, but it seemed like a bit more from the convention floors of the Marriott in Anaheim where the convention is held. Give it a few more years and you're likely to see it moving into the Anaheim Convention center next door, 

Like most anime conventions, cosplay was in full display with dedicated anime fans showing that they have some of the best cosplay you will ever see. From One Piece's Roronoa Zoro to a Hans Solo and Slave Elsa cosplay inspired by Frozen and Star Wars. The main theme is anime, but all geeks are welcome. So lets take a look at these amazing fans and salute their dedication to geekdom. Remember to check back later for more updates from Anime California and let us know which cosplay is your favorite. For high resolution images, make sure to check our Flickr page.

Oliver Ayala

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