$500 Xbox One bundle includes hybrid drive and elite gamepad

Microsoft is trying its best to keep making the Xbox One attractive to consumers and this bundle is proof. Meet the $500 Xbox One Elite. That's a bit more than the normal $350 Xbox One. So why is this worth considering? Well, for one, it comes with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller that normally costs $150 by itself. It's a really well made controller that had gamers salivating when it was announced.  

That's not the only thing that the bundle includes. It also comes with a new  1 TB hybrid  hard drive that is twice the size and speedier than standard hard drives that come with Xbox One consoles. Hybrid hard drives combine old school spinning disc platters and flash memory found in solid state drives (SSD) to provide faster speeds for consumers without the hefty price tag of an SSD. Don't expect  SSD speeds, but do look forward to faster boot times. Microsoft claims consumers will " get to the action up to 20 percent faster from energy saving mode".

Expect to see the bundle on store shelves November 3rd and sold exclusively  through Gamestop and Microsoft Stores.


Oliver Ayala

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