Anime California cosplay: Sunday

 cosplayers from left to right:  Karli  and  xlosuh

cosplayers from left to right: Karli and xlosuh

Anime California 2015 just wrapped up and we have all of our Sunday photos on display. I still argue that anime conventions have the best overall level of cosplayers. Don't get me wrong, you get super elaborate ones at San Diego Comic Con and PAX, but those are a handful of highlights. Go to an anime convention and you'll see a much better overall level of cosplay on display and a greater variety too. Agree or disagree, seeing all of these geeks showing off their geek pride warms the heart. Let us know which is your favorite.

All of the photos come from Anime California which seems to be gaining more and more attention from a convention hungry community here in Southern California. Convention organizers were hoping to get 6,000 attendees. I think it's safe to say that Saturday alone helped them get most of the way there with staff expressing surprise at the high number of badge sales. They even ran out of physical badges to give out at one point for vendors and industry guests. If they keep this up, they will soon move out of the Marriott and move next door into the Anaheim Convention Center.

Don't forget to check out our Flickr page for high resolution versions of the photos. We will have more news and updates from Anime California. To check out our Saturday photos, just click here.  Let us know which was your favorite in the comments below.

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